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Our DoE ("design of experiments") Consulting: from the first Screening to the Design Space

Statistical design of experiments (DoE) instead of Trial and Error

In order to achieve a product or process optimisation is indispensable to perform experiments within a controlled setting. If experiments are conducted systematically, by varying the potential influence factors simultaneously, much information can be gained from a surprisingly small number of experiments. This is the subject of statistical design of experiments ("DoE").

DoE Consulting

The first target in a product or process optimisation is identifying the critical process parameters (CPP) and the critical quality attributes (CQA). We offer consulting in how to use a structured approach, help you to select the process parameters which are to be included, and support you in the interpretation of the results. 

bilder/ProductSTAVEX/STAVEX_DesignSpaceDef-e.jpgDefinition of the Design Space

The new FDA initiative allows validating a Design Space wherein the parameters may be flexibly changed - if detailed process knowledge is documented. Our consultancy services enable you to provide the proof using DoE (statistical design of experiments). 

- and everything in between!

A product or process optimisation can require many or only a few experiments. The most efficient way is the so-called "sequential design of experiments (DoE)". Our consultancy services enable you to select the optimum DoE (design of experiments) stage, depending on the number of influence factors, as well as to perform an appropriate analysis.


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AICOS Technologies disposes of many years of experience in the field of DoE (statistical design of experiments). A large focus is on the pharmaceutical and chemical industry, but we also serve other branches. We respond to your questions We accompany you step by step in your product or process optimisation: from the conception of your first DoE design to the interpretation of the results.

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... or do you rather want to be able to perform your DoE (statistical design of experiments) yourself?

Our expert system STAVEX for the easy optimisation of products and processes is a user-friendly DoE tool which also allows persons without a strong background in statistics to perform sequential DoE (statistical design of experiments) (free download of a time-limited test version). For experts STAVEX however offers many possibilities to flexibly adapt to complex problem settings.
Please also note our training program for DoE (statistical design of experiments).

Do you still have questions concerning our consulting services in DoE (statistical design of experiments)?

You can also find Success Stories on consulting projects by AICOS Technologies among the case studies in our publications list. In case of questions, you can just directly call us via +41 61 686 98 77, use the contact form.

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