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Easy product and process optimization
with Statistical Design of Experiments (DoE)

With our user-friendly software tool STAVEX, Statistical Design of Experiments (almost) becomes child's play. Therefore also persons without special knowledge in statistics can employ the benefits of Statistical Design of Experiments (DoE). For experts, STAVEX nevertheless offers many possibilities for a flexible adaptation to complex questions.

We speak your language!

  • This easy is Statistical Design of Experiments (DoE) using STAVEX: The stringent user guidance of STAVEX leads you from the initial project specification to the final optimisation of the system. Just a few clicks, and you are done...
  • STAVEX assists you in the interpretation of the results by the generally understandable analysis report; the statistical details can be accessed (if desired) from the long form of the report.
  • A multitude of plots yield a quick and intuitive overview of the obtained results.
    bilder/ProductSTAVEX/STAVEX_Mixture-e.jpg bilder/ProductSTAVEX/STAVEX_ResponseSurface-e.jpg bilder/ProductSTAVEX/STAVEX_iso-e.jpgbilder/ProductSTAVEX/STAVEX_QualiResponse-e.jpgbilder/ProductSTAVEX/STAVEX_Multiplot-e.jpg
  • Also complex situations can be mapped easily.
  • STAVEX is available in English, German, French and Spanish. This facilitates your first steps into using Statistical Design of Experiments (DoE) (Download).

STAVEX 4d-Plot More links to Statistical Design of Experiments (DoE) and STAVEX

Any questions about STAVEX or statistical Design of Experiments (DoE)?

We are at your disposal! Please call us at +41 61 686 98 77, or use the contact form.

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