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AICOS Technologies at PCH Meetings 2020 in Lyon
News PCH Lyon March, 2020 
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Analysis of Material Flows with Simulation, Part A

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SIMBAX, a software package tailored to the needs of the process industries, makes it possible to get a thorough understanding of material flows in batch and (semi)continuous production plants. The course provides the essential basic knowledge that is required for a successful use of SIMBAX. The basic concepts of the software are explained in detail and practised in applied exercises performed directly on the computer.

What will you learn ?
Is it your task to optimize an existing production plant and the corresponding processes with regard to their efficiency or utilization, e.g. further to changes in the product mix? Or, as an engineer, to design optimally a new plant? In this course, you will learn how to identify existing bottlenecks and to perform capacity analyses by using logistic-oriented simulation, in order to reduce production costs and to avoid inappropriate investments.

The course is designed for people who would like to apply simulation in order to optimize production processes and plants and who want to use SIMBAX for this purpose.

SIMBAX is a user-friendly PC software package that was originally developed by the former Ciba-Geigy company. It runs under Windows. SIMBAX is tailored to the needs of the process industries and enables the engineer to model easily a variety of operations - from continuous processes to container logistics over usual batch operations. It offers a large number of graphical outputs as, for instance, an animated Gantt chart and related statistical graphics for the analysis of the results. Today, SIMBAX is being supported and extended by AICOS Technologies AG.

The course provides, on the one hand, basic knowledge to better understand material flow simulation and to facilitate its application; on the other hand, the concepts of SIMBAX are explained and practised on the basis of examples. The course is offered in two parts, A and B, each of which lasts two days. The two parts can be taken separately.

Who should attend ?
  • Process development and plant design engineers who want to take profit of the optimization possibilities that exist at the logistic level (debottlenecking) when designing chemical processes and plants
  • Chemical engineers and production managers who want to fully use the potential of existing (multipurpose / multiproduct) plants through the systematic avoidance of conflicts between production flows (capacity analyses)
  • Managers who want to inform themselves about the various application possibilities of material flow simulation

Which topics are covered ?
 Design and planning levels in the process industries
Components of a simulation model
SIMBAX and its environment
 Simulation of a single process
 Description and modelling of a plant
Description and modelling of a recipe
A first simulation run
Analysis of the simulation results (Gantt chart, utilization statistics,...)
 Simulation of a multipurpose plant
 Representation of products and raw materials
Description and modelling of a production plan
 Overview of the SIMBAX functions
 Detailed description of a process stage
Overview of the available steps (e.g. parallel, alternative and conditional steps)
Summarizing exercise

Any questions ?
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