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AICOS Technologies at PCH Meetings 2020 in Lyon
News PCH Lyon March, 2020 
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Experimental Design and Analysis with STAVEX, Part B

Thu/Fri, 18-19/6/2020

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STAVEX is a user friendly PC software system that makes it possible for scientists in research, development and production to apply statistical experimental designs for process or product optimisation without the aid of a statistician. The course shows the practical application and use of the STAVEX software and the understanding of the basic statistical principles involved.

What will you learn ?
Statistically designed experiments give a maximum of information for a minimum of effort. The course is aimed at scientists who wish to optimize products or processes and use statistical design and analysis with the help of STAVEX.

STAVEX is a user-friendly PC software system that was originally developed by the Mathematical Applications Group in the former Ciba-Geigy company. It runs under Windows. STAVEX is designed as an Expert system which guides the user throughout the whole optimization process, from the initial design to the final data analysis completely independently of a statistician. Today, STAVEX is being supported and extended by AICOS Technologies AG.

The course provides, on the one hand, basic knowledge to better understand the principles of statistical designs and, on the other hand, shows the operation of STAVEX using practical examples. The course is offered in two parts, A and B, each of which lasts two days. The two parts can be taken separately. In Part B, the participants have the opportunity to evaluate their own data.

Who should attend ?
  • Chemists, physicists and engineers in Research, Development and Production
  • No previous statistical or mathematical knowledge necessary
  • Part A or experience in using STAVEX is required for Part B

Which topics are covered ?
Optimization of several response variables
Economic aspects
Desperado designs, D-optimal designs
Designs for qualitative factors
Design adaption
Augmentation of a design with experiments specified by the user
Handling of violated factor settings
Interactive visualization of designs and analysis results
Qualitative response variables (Specification, analysis)
Mixture factors: Concepts, Designs, Analysis
Discussion of participant problems: each participant has the possibility to analyze his own practical examples with the trainer.
Practical recommendations

Any questions ?
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