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(Online) Courses

Method Validation in Analytics

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You want to validate recently developed or already established methods systematically without missing important aspects? This course aims to provide the broad overview over concepts and methods needed for an optimal approach.
All methods can be applied using Excel. Besides performing the necessary calculations, a strong emphasis is on creating an adequate visualisation of your results. This course requires no prior knowledge in statistics.

What are you going to learn ?
With this course, participants will be able to master the different steps and calculations in analytical method validation. Also, they will know what to emphasize in a report. Besides the classical and still widely used approach of calculating r and R indices, we present as a modern alternative the so-called Accuracy Profile. This intuitive graphical method ideally combines all necessary in-formation on the fitness for purpose. All methods are practiced on the PC using applied examples and exercises.

Who should attend ?
  • Lab technicians and supervisors, chemists, who want to validate methods in their lab
  • Prerequisites: basic knowledge in Excel is required; no previous statistical knowledge required

Which topics are covered ?
 Fitness for purpose
Limit of detection (LOD), limit of quantification (LOQ)
Validation approach
 Linear regression, residual analysis
Characteristic numbers (linearity, LOQ, matrix LOQ, repeatability, reproducibility, trueness, precision, accuracy...): Meaning and calculation
Methods: recovery rate, spiking, accuracy profile, Horwitz rate
Tips (approach, randomisation, quantification, reporting)

Any questions ?
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