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(Online) Courses

Analysis of Life Cycle Data

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The course covers statistic basics (survivor function, hazard or failure rate) and the handling of censored data. Next to that the main parametric and non-parametric life cycle models (exponential and weibull distribution, Kaplan-Meier estimator and Cox model) will be taught.

What will you be taught?
Are you responsible for assuring constant characteristics of your product and its accurate operation? In this course you will study the most important methods, which will enable you to properly estimate the product’s life time and reliability. The focus of the course will be on graphical methods, but also on the selection and adaptation of distribution-based models. The methods will be trained using applied exercises on the computer.

Who should attend?
  • Quality managers, chemists, pharmacists and engineers, who are responsible for the stability and the accurate operation of products over a defined period of time.
  • People who have to analyse censored and uncensored data concerning product life times.
  • Basic knowledge of statistics is required (knowledge equal to that which is taught in the course “Visualization of Lab Data with Excel”)

Which topics are covered ?
 Typical questions
Statistics basics
Censored data
 Visualization of Life Cycle Data
 Histogram, Survival Curve, Hazard Plot
Confidence intervals
 Life Cycle Models
 Exponential and Weibull distribution
Estimation of the characteristic life time
Goodness of fit
Outlook: more life cycle models
 Non-parametric Estimation: Kaplan-Meier estimator
 Overview: Life Time Regression
 Accelerated Failure-Time model
Proportional Hazards model (Cox model)

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