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(Online) Courses

Advanced Use of Control Charts

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This course provides a deeper insight into the use of control charts. In particular, the handling of complex situations like analysing trends, non-normally distributed or multivariate data is covered.
This training session requires statistical knowledge at the level of "Visualization of Lab Data" or equivalent.

What are you going to learn ?
Control cards are usually based on the assumption that the data is normally distributed; in practice however, this is not always valid. In this course you will learn techniques for such data (including implementation of DIN ISO 21747), as well as strategies for multivariate process control. In addition, simple tests for process changes, e.g. trends, are demonstrated. Exercises constitute an important part of the course.

Who should attend?
  • Everyone who wants to apply control charts in complex situations
  • Elementary statistical knowledge is necessary (as provided in "Visualization of Lab Data")

Which topics are covered ?
 Control charts for single values and for means
Tests for process changes (e.g. trends)
 Control charts for non-normally distributed data
Norm DIN ISO 21747
Process capability: Cp-, Cpk-, Pp-, Ppk-Index
Control charts for count data (p- and u-charts)
 Multivariate process control
 Linear models
Principal component analysis (PCA)
Hotelling's T2 control chart

Any questions ?
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