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(Online) Courses

Introduction to Biostatistics with Excel

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The training session concentrates on methods in biometry. After a review of statistical distributions and of the basics of statistical test theory (t test), additional tests are discussed, like outlier tests and nonparametric tests. Analysis of variance (ANOVA) will be treated, including aspects of experimental design, sample size, and repeated measurements.
This course requires statistical knowledge at the level of "Visualization of Lab Data" or equivalent, as well as elementary knowledge of Excel. Other statistical packages will be used as needed, but no special knowledge is required.

What would you learn ?
The course focuses on methods in biometry. After a recapitulation of the most important statistical distributions and the basics of statistical test theory, outlier tests are discussed. Techniques for the comparison of two samples are presented: classical tests (z and t tests) and non-parametric tests. For the comparison of more than two samples, analysis of variance (ANOVA) are treated in detail, including aspects of design, multiple testing and repeated measurements. The course concludes with the analysis of the 2x2 table.

The methods will be on a basic level; mathematical formalism is avoided. Excel and Excel macros will be used; other software will be demonstrated as needed.

Who should attend ?
  • For scientists in research and development who need to analyse their data with statistical methods
  • Excel and basic statistical knowledge is assumed (at least at the level of the course "Visualization of Lab Data" ).

Which topics are covered ?
 Continuous statistical distributions: Gaussian, t, F, Chi-square
Confidence interval for the mean
Elements of statistical test theory
Sample size
Outlier tests
  Comparison of two samples
 T tests for unpaired and paired samples
Influence of sample size
Non-parametric tests (Wilcoxon-Mann-Whitney)
  Comparison of more than two samples
 One-way analysis of variance
Two-way analysis of variance
Aspects of experimental design: fixed effects or random effects
Multiple comparisons
Repeated measurements (introduction)
 Analysis of the 2x2 table
 Chi-square test for independence or homogeneity
Fisher's exact test

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